What is netzerobuilding.com all about?

Netzerobuilding.com is intended to be a platform to display the creative work of homeowners, architects, builders, engineers, building science experts, commercial building owners, and others who share an interest in learning about low energy use buildings. Our industry increasingly promotes being “green”, but what does that really mean? The answer often rings of environmental clichés and vague terms that are accompanied with little verification. Our primary focus is to help showcase projects, products, project teams, individuals, and companies that are pioneering the concept of “net zero energy use” (and other net zero aspects) in homes and buildings with applied technology and innovative ideas.

Net zero building is the future, and netzerobuilding.com intends to be a leading resource website.

Things you should know…

  • It is important to know that we are not a certifying organization as there are already many respected and well known green building programs in the United States and beyond.
  • Project teams provide the information and claims located in the project profile content.
  • We are very interested in verification. We will be asking those that seek to display their projects to provide the necessary data to verify the claims that they are making with regard to energy use.
  • We strive to keep the process simple:
    1. Register your project
    2. Provide the adequate data to prove the energy performance
    3. Feature your project on netzerobuilding.com
  • Netzerobuilding.com will be evolving. While much of our focus will be on energy use initially, we are also interested in water, waste, and other concepts with regard to net zero building and living. As the platform develops, we will seek to verify and recognize all sorts of achievements that pertain to the highest performing projects in the world.
  • We intend to be a resource to inform our users of innovative products, technological advances, and cutting edge creativity.
  • We intend to listen to you. What are our users interested in? What would you like to see? Your viewpoint is important to us and we look forward to your comments as we grow.
  • For more information please visit sagebuildconsulting.com

Thank you for visiting netzerobuilding.com!