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 Net Zero Verified!

JW Architects has been on a four year journey to design, build and achieve Net Zero Energy in their new office building. Designing a building in which you occupy is a rare opportunity. JW Architects seized that opportunity to explore two ideas of critical importance to the firm: collaboration and high energy performance. JW Architects selected the site in the urban core of Seattle for its proximity to their homes, projects, and transit options. The project supports alternate transit with bike parking, showers and clothes storage. They worked as a team to create a building that they could all stand behind. That vision included net-zero energy use, balanced daylighting and flexibility for future growth. The 2-story, 3,600 SF office is built at 1257 King Street, between Rainier Avenue and 12th Avenue. The firm is really enjoying the vibrant International District and says that the design of the building, with its saw-tooth roofline and clerestory windows, references the neighborhood’s industrial food-manufacturing buildings in the neighborhood. The glazing and siding strategies were strongly influenced by Japanese design methods. On September 21st of this year, it was announced JW Architects became the second office building in Seattle to be officially certified by the International Living Future Institute.

  • Location:Seattle, WA
  • Added:January 27th, 2018
  • Products Used:
    • • NW Wind & Solar (solar panels)
    • • eGauge Monitoring System
JW Architects Office

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