Registration Form Registration Requirements & Disclaimer

In order for a project to be featured on, the registrant must supply one year of performance data that proves actual net zero performance or below with respect to energy usage. Electricity and natural gas (or other fossil fuel) usage will be the primary focus. If a project is claiming other net zero performance in regards to other components (i.e. – waste, water, etc.) they must provide one year of performance data for that aspect as well.

Initially, utility bills may serve as the performance data documentation, but a more robust monitoring system is preferred and will likely be required in the future. The site,, reserves the right to deny and not post a project for any reason. All submissions must provide the proper documentation as required. Also, reserves the right to take down a featured project if the documentation is found to be false in any way.

The statements made about a project to be posted in the project profile are provided by the registrant. This site does not provide any of the wording, description, or statements for the projects that are submitted.

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